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 Posted: May 24 2018, 10:06 PM

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I'm adding two new themes to Starscape's theme repository. They are:


"Dark Ocean"

Of course, there will be a few minor tweaks to make them work better with our software, but I hope you like them! They should appear in the theme selector in the next few days. Personally, I'm a really big fan of Dark Ocean, myself. It reminds me of Starscape's beginnings from 12 years ago.

Future theme suggestions will be accepted, though for now I think this will do nicely. We'll have a grand total of four themes, two light and two dark, so people can have some selection.

Starscape will always be free for all members.
If you feel like it, though, you can help Starscape pay for its monthly ad costs, domain costs, and upkeep. Any amount will do, and it will be greatly appreciated.

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