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Jul 19 2018, 11:05 AM
First of all, let address the Wilson Ramos situation.

He is on the DL, probably untiol the end of August, so while it hurts the Rays it also will negate any trade talk of him going anywhere, so he will more than likely remain a Ray.....Question now is who comes in to back up Sucre?

Chirinos and Faria are due back at some point, but even still, the "bullpen days" will stay in effect. As for the real starters I see Snell having a blazing second half, winning 20 and being in serious Cy Young running.....Wish I could say the same for Archer, but that's not possible.

Offensively, I see Gomez heating up, Wendle, Bauers, Cron to continue what they have been doing along with Duffy, however, i do worry about his health. I see Adames break out and be everything that has been expected and Hech going somewhere for just about anything.

Most of all I see the Rays winning more than anyone expected, being a pain in the butt to the Red Sox and Yankees and making the second WC chase a lot more fun that expected........I will predict the Rays finish at 79 -83 which is about 15 games more than most expected.

Play Ball!!!!
Jul 14 2018, 11:46 AM
So the controversy continues after all the fallout with Papa John's, the use of the "N" word by their head man at a gathering of company people. Was the use of the word wrong? Of course it was, no excuse for it to be used in any way shape or form by anyone.

MLB didn't waste time and jumped right in and has pulled away from the company and will no longer do the promotion that had been running all season.......The company itself is pulling all ads that have John Schlatter (sic) in them and are revamping their ads. Schlatter has stepped down from several positions......all the right things to do. Some colleges are also pulling away from the company with ties to their athletic programs.

Now we come to the NFL and they have done.........................absolutely nothing. They have stayed quiet, stayed away from the situation and have not issued any comments on what the NFL or teams should do in this situation.........Why? Two words............................greed and money!!

Glad to see at least the Atlanta Falcons have decided to pull away from Papa John's and will make a further determination about the Papa John's located in the stadium. Nice to see Falcons owner Arthur Blank is taking steps to do what is right, but what about Goodell and the NFL as a whole? What will they do? Once again it looks like the NFL will shoot itself in the foot all because of the mighty dollar!

On a personal level, never cared for Papa John's, more of a Marco's and Hungry Howie's guy!
Jul 12 2018, 01:33 PM
So the All Star weekend is upon us and to be honest this is one year I have little interest in it other than hoping Ramos does well.

A lot of it has to do with the snub of Blake Snell, which has become a nationwide attitude of "WTH??" from fans and national writers and other players.

Then there is the Home Run Derby with a field of less than stellar participants other than Harper, maybe. There is just no excitement in this group, sorry........I like Mookie Betts suggestion about doing away with it and having a Skills competition instead with a variety of events, like the do in the NHL.
Jul 11 2018, 03:07 PM
Another Bullpen Day and another win 4-2 over the Tigers.

Keirmaier a solo home run, Cron a 3 run home run, great pitching from Wood, Andreise, Yarbrough and Romo with another 1-2-3 close in the 9th.

Rays have now won 14 of the last 15 at home and overallo 14 -4 over their last 18 games which also includes 5 shutouts!

This is going to be a fun second half and the Rays could become the big surprise ion the AL the way they are going.

I hope the RFO sees just what is happening and the possibility of October not a dream any longer and it will be enough incentive to keep Ramos here for the season.
Jul 7 2018, 10:03 AM
Only been a week or so and it is building up, but so nice to come onto a Rays forum that is peaceful, friendly and knowledgeable.....No drama, no personal insults to various posters, no one thinking they are better than anyone, just great convo about the Rays and the team, the players, the future.

Nice to see some good members from elsewhere joining in and hopefully that will continue. Spread the word folks.

Thank you Mike for getting this underway.

I might also add that some of the other forums on here are very interresting and enjoyable as well.
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