Rules & Guidelines

[1] Do Not Flame. (*) Flaming is when you insult a member of the board. It is one thing to say someone's idea is stupid, but when you call that person stupid, you've just flamed them. So remember; post, not the poster. You can dislike an idea, but insulting someone directly will result in a warning for flaming.

[2] Do Not Spam. Spamming is when you continually make posts without content, such as repeatedly posting with only an emoticon. It is also when one posts multiple times, one post right after the other, in the same thread without waiting for responses from others. We, as the Admins, feel that posting more than 3 times in a row constitutes spam. So please exercise restraint in such situations.

[3] Do Not Troll. Trolling is when you make a statement designed to elicit an angry response from others for the sole purpose of eliciting that response. For example, saying a dictator might not have been all wrong wouldn't get a trolling warning; stating that a minority group deserved to be killed can be considered trolling, though that decision will be left up to an Administrator or Moderator. Trolling warnings are not handed out lightly.

Note: [*] - Flaming is allowed in The Brig (which is the debate room). Even so, racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are not allowed. Making any kind of slur towards a protected group like the ones mentioned above will automatically receive a one week ban, or immediate permaban at the discretion of the Administrator. Starscape is a safe environment. We respect one another, even when we disagree with one another. If you cannot do that, then this is not the place for you.


[4] LEGALITY: No illegal material (by the standards of the United States, where our server is based), no pornography outside of designated areas, no warez, or pirated media.

[5] CONTENT: The content of this board is considered Rated PG-13 for all general areas of the forum proper. Themes of a tangential sexual nature can be discussed, but must be contained in the areas specified. This means while discussing orientation, or questions on romantic advice are okay, explicit discussions about engaging in sexual activity, or making explicit sexual comments toward another member is not allowed.

[6] SPOILERS: If you post spoilers regarding a recent TV show or movie in a thread, please put them in spoiler code. Neglecting to do so could lead to a warning.

[7] PRIVATE MESSAGES: Private messages and emails are exactly that: Private. Don't post them publicly without permission from the sender. If a PM violates the rules, report it to an Admin. In the same vein, PMs are treated as posts. Flaming, trolling, or other harassment in a PM will be warned.

[8] SIGNATURES: (a) Signatures can be up to 500 characters long or contain an image no larger than 600x75px. (b) Avatars can be up to 150x150 pixels and 35Kb if uploaded. If linking from a host, size isn't limited (try to keep it under 120kb though). Animated Gifs are allowed.

[9] OLD THREADS: If you see a thread that has been quiet for several months, but you have something you wish to add, it's perfectly okay to post your response. There are no limits on time between posts, though it is recommended you have something more than "cool" or "hey" as your response, please.

[10] MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: You are allowed to have multiple accounts, as we do have a role playing forum. However, it is best that you select one account for general board use, and the others solely for role playing. If you get banned on one account, all accounts will be banned. So be careful.


If you break these rules, you may receive a warning. 5 warnings equals a ban at the discretion of the Administrator. While the rules are here to guide us in how we interact with one another, I remind you that these rules aren't inflexible. If you're given a warning, you have every right to contest it in Questions & Feedback. That doesn't mean, however, that Starscape operates like a court of law. If the contested warning is upheld, that's the end of the matter. You can appeal to the Admin in private, but once it's done, it's done. It is also important to keep in mind that the Administrator can bypass any one or even all of these rules if he or she feels the situation warrants it. Again, this isn't a court of law, and we're not a branch of the U.S. government. While there is free speech, it is limited speech, just as the U.S. is a nation of free, but limited, speech.

Please, everyone, let us just be good to one another. If we do that, we can avoid having to deal with any of these things. Be kind to your fellow Starscaper; male, female, gay, straight, young, old, it doesn't matter. Here, everyone is equal. Okay?

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